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Flower essences to help clear your energy field

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

When you're ready to release the accumulating energetic residues of lessons learned and wounds healed, Baggage Buster™ offers valuable support, helping you let go of the stuff that you no longer need to carry around with you.

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Other times, it works as much on a mental level as it does on an emotional one. For example, when my to do list is so crammed with things that I "should" have already ticked off that it becomes a source of guilt and defensiveness rather than simply being a memory jogger or action plan, taking Baggage Buster™ helps me power through it. Unlike Dragon Slayer™, which is more your kick-up-the-butt procrastination buster, Baggage Buster™ works by releasing the energetic charge or psychic weight from the mental, emotional and energetic clutter so that clarity returns.

Once it does, you notice that trying to manage all that stuff that's been on your mind has had a major impact on your functioning, keeping your cogs whirring when they should be down for maintenance (rest, recuperation, revitalisation). In the process, a thousand tiny details that should have been incidental have taken on the power to influence important things, like your centredness, creativity, sense of calm, or connection with the divine.

Working with Baggage Buster™ always helps me remember that being in a state of energetic chaos and being in a state of grace are mutually exclusive! I think of it as a refreshing cleanse for my auric, energetic and mental space, and when I'm working with it always find that getting on and dealing with stuff becomes an impulse that's easily acted on, instead of something to be stewed over.

In a nutshell, think of Baggage Buster™ as a charge releaser. It's ideal for times when you’re feeling wound up or defensive about the emotional consequences that might result from addressing the issues you’re facing, or even the fact that you’re facing them at all. (In my experience, this state of energetic stuck-ness often occurs when you’ve put stuff aside to deal with later; the longer you put it off, the more energetically and emotionally charged the issue becomes).

Much like the box of accumulated letters, photos and knick-knacks that sits out of the way at the top of the wardrobe containing a mix of emotionally important stuff and complete rubbish that you didn't know what else to do with, the energy each of us carries with us on a daily basis is often cluttered by undealt with experiences and emotions.

Those that carry a charge have the capacity to do the most damage energetically, and while it might be beneficial to use other natural therapies to help tackle them too (such as diet, herbal medicine, Reiki, or body work), my experience has been that when you’re not feeling defensive or scared of tackling the issues, you’ll respond to your treatment most gracefully and steps in to shifts most easily.

Baggage Buster Flower Essence Kit, consisting of energy-clearing Baggage Buster flower remedy and space-clearing spray

If you'd like to give Baggage Buster™ a try for yourself, check out these products:

  • Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence: Baggage Buster™ invites you to gently and easily release some of your old stuff, and get ready to welcome in a breath of fresh air. I find it particularly beneficial when I'm feeling that my life is in chaos or if I'm conscious that I'm responding to situations from old patterns that are no longer relevant or helpful. When seven drops are taken twice daily under the tongue, each bottle of Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence will last 2-3 weeks
  • Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence Mist: Refreshingly scented with lemon myrtle, spearmint, may chang, juniper and black pepper essential oils, Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence Mist helps clear spaces of old, unwanted energy and bring focus and clarity. It’s ideal to use when you’re making room for new energy to come into your life, and for refreshing your home, clinic room or office
  • In with the New™ Flower Essence Kit: When you're ready to leave the old behind, the three flower essences in our In with the New™ Kit encourage you release what’s holding you back so you can move forward with enthusiasm. Combines Baggage Buster™ with Peek-A-Boo™ (which invites you to re-awaken any parts of yourself that have been shut down) and Go with the Flow™ (to help you rediscover your trust in the universe)
  • Baggage Buster™ Kit: Combines our popular Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence and Flower Essence Mist so you can work with both options at the same time 

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