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How can you help in the bushfires?

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

What an emotional start to the New Year. Like everyone else, we’re heartbroken at the devastation the bushfires have caused. The scale of the destruction is incomprehensible, and to know that it may yet get worse before it gets better is something I can’t even begin to wrap my head around. As always, when I’m so overwhelmed that I don’t know what to do, I turned to the trees to ask for help and guidance. Here’s where they suggested we start.

Give generously, wisely and with deep consideration

Working with the Giant Sequoia tree and our new Pure Potential flower essence has taught us that we can all be at our most effective when we have a supportive framework or infrastructure around us to enhance our efforts – so we’ve donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service to help equip them to meet this challenge head on.

The energy of the Fine Leaf Bush Pea and Shock Absorber flower essence leave us in no doubt that people in crisis function best when they have their immediate needs met and are given a safe space to process what they’re going through. For that reason, we’re also donating to the Australian Red Cross, who are geared up to provide emergency care across the country.

And with the help of the Coral Fern and its Manifestation Mojo energy, we're setting the intention of restoring this beautiful country's trees, forest and bushland to their former glory. That's why we're getting behind WWF's Towards Two Billion Trees campaign. (Sadly, since they started this campaign before Christmas, it seems likely that we're going to need to increase the target, but whatever it turns out to be, the Tribe is on board to help!).

Hold space and send healing energy

We’re connecting with the Fine Leaf Bush Pea energy in our meditations, sending love and healing and reaching out to all beings affected by this tragedy with the to help to hold the space as they grieve, re-ground and rebuild.

People, trees, birds, animals, insects and Mother Earth: they all need our energy, and whatever we send out to them will be gratefully received now and as they start to recover – which they will. 

As an example, check out this little pineapple palm, which is already starting to regenerate after a bushfire swept through a friend’s property in northern NSW in late November.

Act locally

The teachings of the Capeweed flower and Connection Creator flower essence have shown us over and over again that if you want to make a difference, doing so locally is a great starting point for generating a ripple effect.

Thankfully, we haven’t had fires in my local area, but it sure is mighty dry. I’ve joined a community group that’s gotten together to carry food and water into our national park, where native birds and animals have been dying from dehydration. (If you’d like to do something similar in your local area, there are some great tips for getting started here and here).

Make your voice heard

My next step is to start writing letters to politicians stressing to them the importance of getting on board with meaningful changes to our climate policy and emergency preparedness. In this I’m inspired by the energy of the Poplar tree and its Express Yourself flower essence, who have helped me to recognise that “Anything you feel the desire to express is worthy of being heard.

Go where you’re led

When the time is right, I’m planning to jump in the car, head south from Sydney and #gowithemptyeskies to wherever I’m guided to on a road trip. My intention is to explore some areas I’ve never visited (and some places that are deeply familiar to me too), spend some time and money where it feels needed, and simply Go with the Flow, inspired by our flower essence of the same name and the energy of the Mangrove seed.

Give thanks for water

The Dianella berries and their Treasure Hunter flower essence have taught me that if we want to welcome more of something into our lives, it's wise to give heartfelt gratitude to those aspects of it that we already have. This makes me realise that we're collectively putting a lot of energy and fear into thinking about our lack of water right now. So, here at Tribe HQ we're actively doing our bit to balance that by sending our greetings and gratitude to the waters of this country - the harbours and beaches, the creeks and rivers, the waterfalls and waterholes, the billabongs and dams - and even the puddles and the swimming pools! 

Be gentle with yourself

And in the many, many moments when all of that doesn’t seem enough, I’m gently reminded by the Crepe Myrtle tree and our Up, Up & Away flower essence to forgive myself for not doing more, detach from the trauma and suffering of others, and know deep in my heart that as an empath, I can be of greatest service to others when I commit to also taking good and gentle care of myself.

As this insightful article from the ABC reminds us, simply showing your empathy really does make a difference to those going through hardship.

Feel the love and do what you can

In the midst of all this tragedy, it has been truly heart-warming to see the whole country – and indeed the whole world - coming together to lend a hand. There’s so much love in the air right now, and that’s what’s going to power the recovery process.

There’s no need to feel powerless in this situation. Each of us has different strengths and resources to offer, so please don’t pressure yourself to do more than you can. Follow your own heart and your own guidance, and trust that you will – as always – make the right decisions.

If you feel like any of the above flower essences would support you as you navigate everything that’s going on, we encourage you to give them a try. And of course, please feel free to get in touch if you need help deciding which essences are most suitable for you). 

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