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Are you ready to bring your dreams to life? Watch them take flight with the support of these three flower essences.

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Are you ready to bring your dreams to life? Watch them take flight with the support of the three flower essences in our Dream Activator™ Flower Essence Kit - Dragon Slayer, Manifestation Mojo and Destiny Calls.


Working with this flower essence kit is the perfect ritual for people who are:

  • Setting an intention of attracting or creating their heart’s desires
  • Ready to stop procrastinating, dig deep and take action to bring their dreams to life
  • Feeling called to create or do something special but aren’t sure they have what it takes and/or don’t know how they’ll achieve their goal
  • Ready to add some oomph to their manifestations and visualisations

What's in the Dream Activator™ Flower Essence Gift Pack?

Dragon Slayer™ Flower Essence: Been procrastinating about taking action? Dragon Slayer™ Flower Essence invites you to take ownership of your future, and empower yourself with new habits, attitudes and beliefs. This powerful flower remedy is made exclusively by Tribe of the Tree from the Red Hot Poker bush, and helps you tap into your inner strength, resilience and determination to bust through limiting beliefs and get you moving in the right direction.

Destiny Calls™ Flower Essence: Driven by a big ambition? Destiny Calls™ Flower Essence inspires you to move towards your dreams and develop the certainty you'll be successful, even if the way forward is still unclear. Produced from the Sydney Red Gum tree, this flower remedy is all about helping you become the type of person who makes their dreams come true - without letting fear, uncertainty, creative blocks or lack of action get in the way!

Manifestation Mojo™ Flower Essence: Ready to receive create or receive something new? Manifestation Mojo™ Flower Essence inspires you to become clear about what you really want, set your intention, and get ready to welcome it or something better into your life. We produce this flower remedy from Coral Fern, which we wild harvest from cool, damp areas in the Australian bush.

Directions – Dream Activator™ Flower Essence Kit: Tune in to which of the flower remedies in the Dream Activator™ Flower Essence Kit are most relevant for you right now. There are no right or wrong answers, so let your intuition be your guide – it might be one, two or all three of the flower essences in the kit! (If you can’t decide, we recommend that you start by working with Dragon Slayer™ for two or three weeks, then move on to Destiny Calls™ and finish up with Manifestation Mojo™).

Once you’ve decided which flower essence or flower essences you’d like to work with, take 7 drops of each one under the tongue, morning and night (one at a time). Try holding each flower essence in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it, and as you do, take a moment to reflect on your intentions and the shifts you’re getting ready to create in your life.

Ingredients - Dragon Slayer ™ Flower Essence: Purified water 66.7%, brandy 33.3% (12.5% alcohol), vibrational essence of Red Hot Poker bush (Kniphofia uvaria).

Ingredients - Destiny Calls ™ Flower Essence: Purified water 66.7%, brandy 33.3% (12.5% alcohol), vibrational essence of Sydney Red Gum (Angophora costata).

Ingredients – Manifestation Mojo™ Flower Essence: Purified water 66.7%, brandy 33.3% (12.5% alcohol), vibrational essence of Coral Fern (Gleichenia dicarpa).

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  1. Nailed it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Posted by Annabel, NSW on 10th Dec 2017

    This kit helped me overcome anxiety and lack of confidence related to job hunting after a very long break. I reached out to contacts and was offered a job very quickly. I wouldn't have had the 'guts' to do so without the support of the Dream Activator kit

  2. Transition with ease ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Posted by Sonja, VIC on 5th Dec 2016

    This amazing kit helped me move out of a Job I was stuck in & gave me direction, clarification and determination to do what I was dreaming about but was scared to actually move forward and do!
    With Gratitude

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