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Flower essence workshops in Daylesford, Victoria

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Join us for two flower essence workshops as part of the Live.Love.Life.Weekend wellness festival in beautiful Daylesford, Victoria, renowned for its healing spas, fine food and spectacular scenery.

We’re excited to be heading for Daylesford this November, where Tribe co-founder and naturopath Jayne Tancred will be offering two new flower essence workshops at Daylesford Healing Massage as well as a few opportunities for one-on-one readings.

We hope you can join us! Read on for all the details.


Saturday 17th November, 9am-11am

Woman in the bush, connecting with nature


Spending time in nature is therapeutic and uplifting for your mind, body and soul, and deepening your connection with nature can have an even more profound impact on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Through her work developing the Tribe of the Tree range of flower essences (vibrational medicines that support emotional and spiritual wellbeing), naturopath Jayne Tancred has developed a strong affinity with the plant kingdom.

In this workshop she’ll share some of her experiences connecting and communicating with trees, flowers and the nature spirits that work alongside them, and will guide you through some exercises to help you tune into nature and start developing your own nature connection.

Book your ticket here, or phone Daylesford Healing Massage on 03 5348 1099


Sunday 18th November, 10am-12pm

Woman placing flower to her chin, looking happy


We all aim for a life that feels easy and flowing and includes times of lightness and play as well as times of focus and productivity. But inevitably, you’re also sometimes going to be impacted by stressful events, unhealthy relationship dynamics or feelings that you’re not being true to yourself or living up to your potential.

The ritual of taking flower essences can support you in finding your own version of emotional balance, whether that’s equipping you with the resilience to cope with stress, the determination to make changes, or the confidence to be true to yourself.

Join Jayne Tancred, co-founder and chief tree hugger of Tribe of the Tree flower essences to discover how flower essences can support your emotional healing and wellbeing.

Book your ticket here, or phone Daylesford Healing Massage on 03 5348 1099


Jayne is available for a limited number of readings and flower essence consultations in Daylesford over the Live.Love.Life.Weekend. For more information or to make a booking please contact Daylesford Healing Massage or phone 03 5348 1099. There are only a few appointments available, so book now to avoid disappointment!

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