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Christmas gift guide

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to what to buy the important people in our lives for Christmas.  If there’s someone in your life who you have hopes and dreams for (or who has hopes and dreams of their own that you’re keen to support), consider giving the gift of flower essences.

All our flower essence kits are on special for Christmas right now, from the  Full Kit and Caboodle containing our complete range of 14 essences, right through to our popular  Dream ActivatorOn Purpose and In with the New Gift Packs, and Lighten Up, ButtercupUp, Up & Away and Baggage Buster flower essence and mist combo kits.

PLUS we’re offering FREE shipping on all orders until Thursday 20th December!

Read on for some ideas about how to give the gifts of inner peace and good vibes this Christmas, or  get in touch with us if you’d like to chat about the most appropriate gift for a special person.

Send love and light this Christmas

Christmas savings on Tribe of the Tree's Full Kit & Caboodle Flower Essence Kit

Containing Tribe of the Tree’s complete range of 14 flower essences, along with the channelled stories and meditations that accompany each of them, The Full Kit and Caboodle offers access to oodles of healing, insight and wisdom, every single day.

Full Kit & Caboodle Christmas special $199 - CLICK HERE TO SAVE $50.00 - plus FREE shipping

Help dreams come true this Christmas

Christmas savings on Dream Activator Flower Essence Kit

A beautiful way to send energetic support to someone who's dreaming of creating something magical for themselves, the Dream Activator gift pack contains our flower essences Dragon Slayer, Destiny Calls and Manifestation Mojo.

Dream Activator Christmas special $44.95 - CLICK HERE TO SAVE $10.00 - plus FREE shipping

Spread some Christmas cheer

Christmas savings on Life of the Party Flower Essence Gift Pack

Our Life of the Party gift pack contains two uplifting flower essences, specially selected to help get you dancing on the inside: Lighten Up, Buttercup and Moment in Time. Ideal for those who’ve been feeling weighed down by all their responsibilities, or worrying about all the things on their to do list.

Life of the Party Christmas special $29.95 - CLICK HERE TO SAVE $7.55 - plus FREE shipping

Give a present with purpose

Christmas savings on On Purpose Flower Essence Gift Packs

Know someone who's yearning to do something more with their lives? The On Purpose gift pack contains our Destiny Calls, Treasure Hunter and Connection Creator flower essences, and will support them as they step forward in their life purpose or step up in their career.

On Purpose Christmas special $44.95 - CLICK HERE TO SAVE $10.00 - plus FREE shipping

Kickstart someone's Happy New Year

Christmas savings on In with the New Flower Essence Gift Packs

Know someone who's ready to turn over a new leaf? Our In with the New gift pack contains an empowering combination of our Baggage Buster, Peek-A-Boo and Go with the Flow flower essences, and will inspire them to leave the old behind and move forward with enthusiasm.

In with the New Christmas special $44.95 - CLICK HERE TO SAVE $10.00 - plus FREE shipping

Give the gift of confidence

Christmas savings on Quietly Confident Flower Essence Gift Pack

If you know someone who could use a confidence boost, the Quietly Confident flower essence kit is a beautifully supportive gift. Combining Up, Up & Away, Express Yourself and Guiding Light, it gently reminds you to love and approve of yourself and that you have the inner resources and support to handle whatever you're faced with.

Quietly Confident Christmas special $44.95 - CLICK HERE TO SAVE $10.00 - plus FREE shipping

Help them sparkle inside and out

Christmas savings on Lighten Up, Buttercup Flower Essence Gift Packs

Want to lift someone's spirits and make the world around them feel more sparkly and inviting too? Consider one of our flower essence and flower essence mist combo kits, each containing a flower essence and its accompanying flower essence mist (made with a specially formulated blend of premium-grade essential oils). 

They make the perfect stocking stuffers and Kris Kringle gifts, and with five combo kits for you to choose from, you'll find something for everyone on your list! Check them out below:

  • Lighten Up, Buttercup Kit  (pictured), which acts as a reminder that life is meant to be all about fun, laughter and lightness
  • Treasure Hunter Kit, to promote feelings of self-worth and gratitude for the abundant gifts that are in your life and heading your way
  • Connection Creator Kit, for those ready to expand their circle of influence and connect with folk who share their passions
  • Baggage Buster Kit, for those letting go of the past and seeking renewed clarity
  • Up, Up & Away Kit, to support self-confidence, self-love and self-care

Christmas special - Flower Essence + Mist Combo Kits $34.95 - save $7.55 - plus FREE shipping!

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