Tribe of the Tree™ flower essences are sourced from native Australian and international plants with the intention of offering energetic healing, insight and wisdom, delivered with a healthy dose of love and a cheeky attitude.

Our mission is to help you reclaim the profound happiness, connection with source, and reverence for nature that is, and always has been, yours for the taking.

Our healing philosophy

teresa-green.pngConnection to source... 

We believe that central to many patterns of imbalance is the dis-ease that comes from disconnecting from your spiritual Source. Wherever you find the divine tapping into this pure love and light is always healing and restorative.

thumbs-up.pngPrioritise ease, fun & happiness...

We've learned (the hard way!) that healing is most effective when it involves a gentle release, a light-hearted touch, and a good belly laugh.

tribe-heart.pngLove yourself wholeheartedly...

Love is the most important healing balm of all, and everyone on the planet has access to it every moment of every day - for free - because it resides inside each of us. But sadly, this basic human right is something too many people deny themselves, so we're on a mission to show them the light. (So to speak...)

yogi.pngAwareness and insight have healing properties...

Becoming aware of what's not currently working for you is key to creating change. That's why each of our essences is accompanied by a short story or meditation that expands awareness and helps you connect with the remedy and its effects on your life.

compass.pngTake responsibility for yourself and your future...

Our remedies look forward, with an emphasis on where you want to go, not where you've been. They invite you to approach the issues you're facing in a new way, and to embrace life as a joyful adventure that you and you alone are responsible for.

About our co-founders

tott-team-403-x-403-px.pngThe Tribe's co-founders are naturopath and channel Jayne Tancred, and energetic healer and complementary medicine manufacturing specialist Scott Harris, who between them have more than 30 year experience manufacturing, marketing and selling natural health products.

A share of our profits supports the preservation of endangered medicinal plants.

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