Here are a small sample of the many customer reviews and testimonials that we’ve received about our flower essences. We’d love to hear from you too, so please feel free to get in touch with us and share your experiences.

Dragon Slayer is the little kick of motivation I need ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

I met Jayne, Scott and Tribe of the Tree when I was finding it hard to stop and focus on what I needed to do to finish my naturopathy studies. I was immediately drawn to Dragon Slayer, and Jayne said to me, 'No wonder! This little guy is for helping you get out of your rut and move beyond self-sabotage'.

For a while it sat unopened on the kitchen counter, mocking me and daring me to be brave. A few days later I plucked up the courage to face my dragons, and I've never looked back.

Having always been a master of procrastination and avoidance it's the little kick of motivation that I need, and always gives me the feeling that I can (and will) achieve anything I put my mind to today. Look out world, I'm slaying dragons!!

Since helping me finish my studies, Dragon Slayer has also been helping me to build my new business. I'm a regular user and recommender fo all the Tribe of the Tree flower essences, but I think Dragon Slayer will always be my first love! Allison, NSW

Love the energy of Destiny Calls ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have received my Destiny Calls flower essence and have been using it since i got it yesterday.. and OMG I love it! I can feel the energy emanating from it. Love the description in the little booklet in the box too - and can't wait to get my hands on more! Angela, VIC

Loving my Full Kit & Caboodle™!

I am loving my new essences. I really can't believe how ALIVE and 'in flow' I feel when I use them. It is amazing to know that I can really tune into myself and realign myself daily now that I have the Full Kit & Caboodle™! My life will never be the same!  Melissa, NSW

My manifestation skills have gone to a whole new level with Manifestation Mojo! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I must admit my manifestation skills have been insanely good lately. I put it down to me being in total alignment with myself. BUT also, the lovely Tribe of the Tree flower essences sent me their beautiful Manifestation Mojo flower essence AND OH MY LORDY things have been happening and gone to a whole other level!!

Here are some examples from the last few weeks: I decided to make a pre-Christmas cleanse program to get some new clients and cash flow for my brand new naturopathic practice, and have already sold three, with a fourth planning to book in soon! Plus I did my BAS and will get a massive refund that’ll cover a big expense I have this month. And a few other freaky things have manifested too.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you are needing a little manifestation boost I highly recommend supporting this lovely business and getting some Manifestation Mojo flower essence into you!

Tribe of the Tree, you have created something special!!! Mickey, NSW

Nailed it with the Dream Activator Flower Essence Kit⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This kit helped me overcome anxiety and lack of confidence related to job hunting after a very long break. I reached out to contacts and was offered a job very quickly. I wouldn't have had the 'guts' to do so without the support of the Dream Activator Flower Essence Kit. Annabel, NSW

Facing my fears with Dragon Slayer™

As I read what Dragon Slayer™ was about I realised right there that this was meant to be. I was trying to work through some fear and Dragon Slayer™ resonated with me so very much. Dragon Slayer™ really supported me in facing my fear.  Lisa, NSW

Fallen apart? Try Shock Absorber™

In a nutshell, if you've fallen apart take Shock Absorber™, it works and it works really well. It will always be in my tool kit.  Lisa, NSW

Take me up, with Up, Up & Away Flower Essence Mist ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Other people notice there is a change in me. For a few months I felt drained from other people's strong energy. Spraying Up, Up & Away Flower Essence Mist in the morning before work helps me feel strong enough myself to face strong energy. Novita

Go with the Flow™ flower essence helped me through stressful times

I was recommended Go with the Flow™ at a time when I was experiencing a lot of pressure from external forces in my life. It allowed me to stand back and stop trying to control things that were not mine to control. The relief was enormous; I felt a weight was lifted from me. It also allowed me to reassess my choices and feel confident that all would be fine. Life was flowing smoothly again. I would recommend it to anyone who feels stressed by the machinations of life. Thank you Tribe of the Tree™ and Go with the Flow™ for helping me through a difficult period of my life.  Christine, Qld

Taking Up, Up & Away™ helped me feel more comfortable taking time out for myself

Taking these drops helped me to recognise my own needs, take time out for myself and to set boundaries. I was able to take action to be happy now, not some time when everything else was taken care of. By the time the bottle was empty, I had got the hang of it!  Thanks very much, Tribe of the Tree™!  SW, NSW

Thank you, Lighten Up, Buttercup™!

For years I have struggled with everyday life. Small things going wrong would irritate me, and I'm sure I was hard to live with. Until I tried Tribe of the Tree™. I read over the brochures, and decided to try Lighten Up, Buttercup™. Within days I felt a positive difference. I'm no longer irritable, and I'm a much easier going, happier person. Thank you Tribe of the Tree™! Scott M, NSW

Express Yourself™ helps me feel okay about saying 'No'

I was a 'pleaser' most of my life, but after taking Tribe of the Tree's Express Yourself™ flower essence, I'm now able to say 'No' to others and feel okay about it. It has helped me set my boundaries. Sandy, NSW

Building a community with help from Connection Creator™

The essence of my vision for my business is to achieve strength, belonging and a growing awareness of our industry through the connections and collaborations that occur when we all come together. I’ve worked with Connection Creator™ to enable the energy to expand and intentions to be created, and ultimately have seen the right people and energy being attracted to my vision, ensuring it builds at its core, a sense of community. The many people and opportunities that have come into my awareness to assist the vision to come alive were supported through the energy and intention that was created through working with Connection Creator™.  Deborah S, NSW

Finding direction and moving forward with Destiny Calls™

When I took Destiny Calls™ I was very confused and uncertain about my path. By the time I'd finished the bottle however, I had a very clear picture of not only what I wanted to do, but how to do it - and I have now taken the steps required to get there! In short, the fast process and progress was extraordinary. These drops supported me to work through the blocks and fears that were in my way. I am very grateful to you and cannot recommend these drops highly enough. LW, NSW

Moving forward with ease and grace thanks to Peek-A-Boo™

I took Peek-A-Boo™ at a time when I felt the need to move forward. I have since made a lot of changes in my life and my work, and am now in a very good space. Thank you so much Tribe of the Tree™.  SB, NSW 

Express Yourself™ helps me feel stronger and more assertive

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for Express Yourself™. Its amazing and working wonders! I've become assertive and am easily expressing my mind. Not only that, but it has given me back some of the mental strength I seemed to have misplaced lately. Very impressive, keep up the great work. Much appreciated, thank you.  CN, VIC

Thank you, Shock Absorber™!

All I can say is THANK YOU Shock Absorber™! This flower essence is really giving me support right now, morning and night! Julie, NSW

Being kind to myself again, thanks to Up, Up & Away™

During a challenging time in my life I was gifted with Up, Up & Away™, from Tribe of the Tree™. When it arrived in the mail, I found not only the flower essence, but a beautifully written meditation to read and repeat to myself while working with the essence. The effects were subtle, yet profound. I felt a powerful support and shift in my emotions and energy, and in very little time, found myself truly enjoying life, and most importantly, being kind to myself again. Monique 

Express Yourself™ helped me get more comfortable with public speaking

Recently I was asked to speak for a few minutes in front of a group of strangers and it was excruciating! My heart was pounding and I could barely get my words out, let alone think clearly. Embarrassed, I decided then and there it was time to face my fears around public speaking. Someone recommended I take Express Yourself™ to help me shift my fears. A couple of weeks into taking the drops I was asked to do another presentation and said yes without hesitating, and whilst I still felt some nerves, I managed to do the presentation with confidence. Since then I have put myself forward to do more presentations and I am relishing the challenge. It's only now looking back that I can see the huge shift that occurred in a very short time frame. Much gratitude to the Tribe for these amazing drops.  LW, NSW

Feeling calmer with Go with the Flow™

I have been taking Go with the Flow™ consistently for about three weeks now and I can feel a big difference in my reactions. I normally tend to speak before think but since I started taking your essences I have been feeling calmer. The biggest change is that I have not needed to react to things, instead I have been able to observe what goes on and detach myself from the emotion, and then decide how to respond. This is a big change for a busy working mum. I’m very thankful, as this not only impacts myself but my kids and the general family life in a very positive way.  LF, NSW

I feel more grounded and confident with Express Yourself™

Having read the story that accompanies Express Yourself™ often, I know that I am more grounded, also, I now am more open to the prompts that come in from wherever! And now have the confidence to act upon them! Your essences came at an astonishing time… Once again, thanks.  LH, NSW

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