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Are you resisting progress or riding the waves of change?

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Sometimes, change feels welcome and exciting – it’s something you’ve yearned for, or even worked towards. But all too often we greet its impending arrival with dread, resisting it with all our might. 

In doing so, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to recognise these new developments in our lives as a guiding hand from the universe, pointing us in a new direction - perhaps one filled with adventures, learning or opportunities that we can’t yet imagine.

How do you know when you're resisting change?

  • You’re tense or worried about changes that have already occurred or are on the cards
  • Your life circumstances have altered in ways beyond your control, and you feel powerless or panicky about what happens next (which might lead you to respond by getting just a *little bit* control freaky….)
  • You’ve got a feeling that things are shifting, and you’re constantly strategising in your head about ways to stop them
  • You’re receiving lots of guidance, signs or nudges pushing you in a particular direction, but you’re holding back because it seems too risky
  • You’ve finally achieved the changes you’ve been working towards (go you!), but for some reason can’t bring yourself to fully embrace everything they involve

On the other hand, what are the signs you’re welcoming change with ease and grace?

  • It feels like you're surfing - as though you're being swept along by a force that's more powerful and more intelligent than you, and that every moment of it is a rush!
  • You feel excited about the new opportunities and experiences heading your way
  • You’ve got the energetic sense that the door that recently closed has opened up space for some positive developments – even if you don’t know what they are yet
  • You’re curious about what’s going to happen next – life is an amazing adventure!
  • You trust that you’re being guided in the right direction and that you’ll be able to navigate the path along the way

Go with the Flow helps you navigate change with ease and grace

Go with the Flow - Mangrove Seed flower essence to help you handle change and transformation

If you’re at a time in your life when recent or impeding changes are feeling intimidating, consider working with the Go with the Flow flower essence

Made from the seeds of the Mangrove Tree, Go with the Flow flower essence is on a mission to support you as you in transitioning from fear and apprehension around changes in your life to a mindset that's characterised by curiosity, openness and a deep sense of trust that the higher powers at play in your life have your best interests at heart. 

Save on In with the New Flower Essence Kits

If you're ready to stop resisting change and instead welcome it with ease and grace, you'll find Go with the Flow in our In with the New Flower Essence Kit, which is currently on special for a limited time. It also contains two other flower essences to support you in welcoming in change: Baggage Buster (to help you let go of old, outdated energy, attitudes and patterns that no longer serve you) and Peek-A-Boo (to help you greet the world with an open heart).

PS: I work with Go with the Flow myself whenever I find myself striving to resist change and hold it back with all my might. Every time I do, I’m reminded yet again that the universe never points me in a new direction without a good reason for doing so. Its energy prompts me to let go of my resistance and instead put my striving energy into embodying the graciousness, ease and adventurous spirit that helps make the journey of life so joyfully unpredictable and delightful.

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