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Why clutter drains your energy - and flower essences to help

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Have you ever noticed that having undealt with mess and clutter around the place has a negative effect on you? Read on to learn why clutter has such a draining effect on your energy and discover flower essences to support you in letting it go or releasing its energetic charge.

The heavy psychological weight of undealt with stuff

We’ve all got pockets of undealt with stuff in our homes somewhere. It might be a junk box in the garage, the bottom drawer in the kitchen or the storage containers tucked out of sight under your bed or at the top of your wardrobe.

Every single thing in those piles of stuff represents a time in the past when you put something aside to deal with ‘later’.

While no individual item in your clutter collection is likely to be a major drama on its own, as the pile builds up the task of handling it becomes more and more overwhelming.

It often seems to me that my clutter collections and the individual items in them have an energetic weight to them. It’s as though a heaviness hovers over my subconscious creating a slight-but-persistent feeling of pressure regarding how I’m going to find the time to sort out the mess and figure out what to do with it.

Even in those times where I’ve allowed things to build up to the point where I work around them and don’t pay conscious attention to their presence, there’s a nagging awareness that life in my home or office just isn’t flowing as it should because of undealt with stuff.

Clutter can be digital, emotional and energetic too

While it’s easy to understand the impact of undealt with stuff when it relates to physical items, clutter and its energy-draining effects can take other forms too.

For me, there’s also an energetic charge attached to an inbox that’s overflowing with emails, a list of phone calls I haven’t had time to make, or a pile of bills that I need to make time to pay. They’re all just more examples of things that I ‘should’ have gotten around to in the past, but instead put aside to tackle another day.

Most significantly, I think it’s also human nature to push aside emotional issues that we’re not quite ready to deal with, burying or suppressing them until a magical time in the future when we hope we’re going to feel more equipped to deal with whatever we unearth when we bravely dive in.

The common thread with all of these behaviour patterns is that the longer and more often we procrastinate about addressing the stuff we don’t feel ready to cope with right now, the more pervasive its negative effects on us become.

In my experience, over time those energetic effects can act like a barrier or filter, leaving us feeling jaded, distorting our view of the world, or preventing us from seeing things clearly or connecting with others openly.

Here are some of our favourite flower essences to work with when you’ve set the intention of dealing with both types of clutter and unwanted stuff – physical and energetic.

Baggage Buster™ invites you to let go of your unwanted stuff

Baggage Buster™ is the flower remedy we recommend for times when you’re feeling energetically stale or surrounded by clutter and chaos and have the intention of creating a refreshed outlook and clarity. I like to think of it as my energetic detox essence.

Whenever I set the intention of working with it to help me let go of stuff I no longer need, I’m surprised at how readily old, undealt with and often long forgotten issues surface to my attention, without any conscious striving on my part.

One of the things I like best about the ritual of working with this flower remedy is that it helps me to let go of any energetic charge or defensiveness regarding whatever it is I’ve been pushing aside. Instead, it invites me into a matter of fact and efficient mindset that helps me recognise what needs to be done and get on with sorting it out.

In addition to taking Baggage Buster as a flower essence, I also incorporate Baggage Buster Mist into my daily rituals. I love its refreshing scent of spearmint, may chang, juniper and lemon myrtle essential oils, but most importantly, I find that using it in my home and workspace helps to clarify my thinking and support my intention of creating a renewed sense of divine order and more helpful energetic patterns.

Find Baggage Buster and Baggage Buster Mist together in our Baggage Buster Kit, or team Baggage Buster flower essence with Go with the Flow and Peek-A-Boo (discussed below) in our In with the New Flower Essence Kit.

Stop holding on and Go with the Flow™

I think one of the reasons physical and energetic clutter is so draining is that it interferes with our sense of flow, making it difficult for us to focus on the things we want to concentrate on.

We also disrupt our ability to flow when we fall into habits like holding on tight to things because they ‘might be useful one day’ (even though in all likelihood they probably won’t be), or not addressing things because we’re not sure we’re ready to cope with the changes that they’ll bring.

The alternative is to develop an awareness of when things have had their time and allow them to evolve, transform or move on as appropriate.

If these are issues that resonate with you regarding the physical or energetic clutter in your life, consider the ritual of working with Go with the Flow™ flower essence, with the intention of getting comfortable with change.

Go with the Flow is available as an individual flower essence, or in our In with the New Flower Essence Kit with Baggage Buster and Peek-A-Boo.

Get ready to face the future with Peek-A-Boo™

I’ve noticed that when I go through periods of removing layers of undealt with stuff, I often emerge with a sense that it’s time for me to engage with life in a different way. One that’s more openhearted and in sync with the universe around me.

If you’re experiencing something similar, the energy of our flower essence Peek-A-Boo™ may resonate with you. Consider incorporating this flower remedy into your daily rituals at times when you feel you’ve been closed down, withdrawn or detached from the world, and are getting ready to emerge and open up again as you move forward.

Peek-A-Boo is available as an individual flower essence, or in our In with the New Flower Essence Kit with Baggage Buster and Go with the Flow.

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