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What is it time to let go of?

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Every autumn and winter, many of the trees in your local neighbourhood drop their leaves, making way for new growth to emerge in the weeks to come.

Is it time for you to drop some stuff too?

Here are just a few suggestions to inspire you:

  • Defensiveness regarding past failures, let-downs or shame (you know, those hot button issues that deep down you realise are affecting you, but that you desperately hope nobody else has noticed!)
  • Falling into familiar patterns of behaviour in your work, relationships, health or business and expecting different outcomes (even though those same actions have a track record of leading you down paths that haven’t been beneficial in the past)
  • Feeling that even though you’ve finished processing an issue mentally or emotionally, its energetic fingerprints are still with you, impacting your behaviour or outlook
  • Confusion or lack of clarity – as if you can’t develop a fresh perspective or find a new way to tackle a problem because your vision is so clouded by what’s happened before
  • Stuff that’s been cluttering up your home or workspace, creating a lack of flow or making you feel that life lacks divine order
  • Feeling trapped in commitments that no longer enliven you, but that you feel you can’t escape from
  • Strategies that helped keep you safe when you were younger, but that are no longer needed now that your circumstances have changed

Do any of those sound familiar?

They're things we all deal with from time to time, and when they're throwing their energetic weight around, it can be tricky to find the mental and emotional space to welcome in the shifts you crave and the new growth and expansiveness that will move you forward. 

Baggage Buster - energy clearing flower remedy

Baggage Buster helps you let go of your unwanted stuff

If it’s time for you to let go of whatever’s holding you back, consider working with our Baggage Buster flower essence.

Made from the delightful Darwinia flower, Baggage Buster’s purpose is to help you gently and easily let go of anything that’s no longer serving you. This flower may only be tiny, but she's a powerhouse when it comes to energy clearing!

Think of Darwinia's vibe like that of the particular friend you invite over to your house to help you clear up before a party: she's calm, organised, efficient, and on a mission to get things done, without any fuss. 

PS: Baggage Buster is available as a flower essence mist too. It has a fresh, cleansing scent that smells amaaaazing (think spearmint, lemon myrtle and may chang – yum!), and is perfect for clearing the energy in your home or work place and leaving behind a feeling of freshness and a new start. It's available as an individual flower essence spray, or along with Baggage Buster drops in our Baggage Buster Kit.

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