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What's your vision for 2018?

It's that time of year when you're probably thinking about setting some goals for yourself. Before you do though, make sure to spend some time asking yourself about your vision for the year to come – and beyond. Read on to discover a simple framework to help you develop a vision that feels ALIVE with possibility, power and purpose – [...]

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Flower essences for grief

There's no easy way to cope when someone you love dies. Time is the most essential of all healers here. However, having just lost a close family member a few weeks ago, I can also share that flower essences can be a valuable support in your time of need. Here's a quick summary of the [...]

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The magic of changing your mindset

Have you ever noticed that while we can change our minds about little decisions at the flick of a switch, changing your mindset is soooooo much harder? Yet, no matter what kind of issue you're dealing with, it's a mindset shift above all else that tends to have the most long lasting and meaningful impact [...]

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Behind the scenes with Tribe co-founder Scott Harris

Take a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes at Tribe of the Tree flower essences HQ in this video interview with our co-founder, Scott Harris.My Tribe of the Tree co-founder Scott may not be the person who makes the most noise around here, but he's the glue that holds everything together - [...]

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Tribe of the Tree is finally on Instagram!

We're excited to let you know that we're finally on Instagram. Find us there at @tribeofthetree. Getting ourselves over to Instagram is something we've been thinking about for ages, but somehow it never seemed to be the right time. Then - incidentally while I was taking our flower essence Go with the Flow™ for a completely different reason - it [...]

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The best way to change your habits - for good!

Ready to drop an old habit or embrace a new one? Your chances of success may depend on whether you’re being driven by your head or your heart. Here’s how to tell the difference, plus our top tips for bringing each of them into energetic alignment with your goals.Head-based thinking and logicWhen it comes to changing habits, it’s common to [...]

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​3 signs you're feeling sorry for yourself - and what to do about it

When there's a lot going on in our worlds, many of us naturally retreat inwards for a time to rebuild our energy, take shelter in our homes and find comfort in our own company. But it can also be easy to start feeling sorry for yourself... sometimes without even realising it!Here are three of the most common energetic patterns we [...]

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Lessons about Life Purpose we've learned from teaching

Recently, Scott and I were excited to teach our popular Level 1 Flower Essence Training Workshop here in Sydney, and to spend the day with an inspiring collection of natural health practitioners. We reckon something magical happens when you put a bunch of naturopaths, kinesiologists, body workers and energetic healers in a room together for a day.Each person arrives in the room with [...]

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Lost your flow? Here's how I got mine back again

Been feeling stuck? Lost your focus and momentum? It happens to all of us from time to time. In fact, if we’d spoken over the last fortnight or so, you’d probably have heard me beating myself up for not being on top of things myself.It took me a while to realise that I’ve been trying to swim [...]

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Why struggling is counter-productive (and what to do instead)

Have you ever felt that sense that no matter what you do, the good things you long for are being withheld from you? You keep wishing and yearning and striving and struggling, but for some reason that seems unfathomable, it feels like some power outside yourself is holding the gates locked shut so the flow of goodness and abundance you [...]

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