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Got your grumpy pants on?

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Know someone who’s got their grumpy pants on today? Whether it’s you or one of your kids who’s got their knickers in a twist, our Lighten Up, Buttercup™ flower essence or flower essence mist is on a mission to remind you to choose cheerfulness and optimism.

I have to admit that there were a few days recently when I misplaced my normal cheery smile and put my grumpy pants on when I got up in the morning instead.

It happens to all of us from time to time, and when you're in the midst of it, it can be really hard to remember that there are things you can consciously and actively do to snap yourself out of it.

What’s weighing you down?

In my case, the situation arose because I found myself in a situation where I had more to do in a certain amount of time than I believed was humanly possible.

Regardless of whether the issue is one of time, skill or control, that gap between the things you need or want to occur and your belief in your ability to make them happen creates a form of tension that can often feel particularly heavy and burdensome.

In my case, as events unfolded and my time became more and more constrained, I found myself getting resentful about the lack of balance in my life (even though I knew the situation was only temporary, and even though I was sure that the short-term discomfort was not much to put up with for an outcome that would be worthwhile in the end).

Flower essences for when you’ve got your grumpy pants on

As usual my daily ritual of working with my flower essences helped to bring me back to my centre.

When I've got my grumpy pants on, the essence that I always turn to is Lighten Up, Buttercup™, which helps me to remember to look for the joy and light that can be found in almost every situation, if we will only take the time to seek it out.

I find it particularly good for defusing feelings of indignance and resentment, which tend to arise when we find ourselves in a place where we can’t have our own way and are sulking or holding on to a sense of woundedness about it all.

Whether you're dealing with feelings of resentment that commitments you've made have turned out to be more arduous than you envisaged, or are trying to soothe and placate a child who doesn't understand why they can't have their own way, Lighten Up, Buttercup™ is a flower essence that's worth considering.

A gentle reminder to choose joyfulness

Lighten Up, Buttercup Flower Essence Kit, comprising positivity-promoting Lighten Up, Buttercup flower remedy and Lighten Up, Buttercup Flower Essence Spray

For me, this essence is often useful during times when I feel overburdened or weighed down by responsibilities and commitments, and helps me to remember that there's a way to fulfil them while still choosing to be joyful.

Whenever I work with this energy, it's like hanging out with a friend who has a special talent for gently tapping me on the shoulder when I’m grumpy or pessimistic and saying, 'Hey, look over there at that beautiful sunset ,' instantly lifting my spirits.

Lighten Up, Buttercup™ is available as both a flower essence and a flower essence mist, or you can purchase both of them together in our Lighten Up, Buttercup™ Kit. (TIP: The flower essence mist can be a particularly lovely way to set an intention of creating a cheerful, optimistic space in a child’s bedroom or play area, or in an uptight workplace).

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