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Feeling stuck? Try our Guiding Light!™ Flower Essence

Recently I caught myself explaining to some friends in great detail all the reasons why a certain situation I was encountering was unavoidable, unchangeable and just 'one of those unfortunate facts of life'. No matter what suggestion they offered to help me see my way out of the trap, I had a justification for why it couldn't be done!The [...]

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Procrastinating? Unleash your inner Dragon Slayer™

After an extremely busy few weeks here at Tribe HQ, I recently found myself procrastinating - even on tasks that I normally find easy or fun. In short, I was in a rut, and couldn't see my way out. Then along came Dragon Slayer™!Working with the energy of our Dragon Slayer™ Flower Essence for a few weeks reminded me of some important [...]

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Speaking up with confidence

Any moment now I'm expecting the arrival of the first of my neighbourhood trick or treaters for Hallowe'en. I love seeing them in their cute little outfits, and I also love the deep breaths they take as they pluck up the guts to knock on a stranger's door and ask for what they want, and then either gratefully accept what's offered [...]

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Seeking abundance? Check out Treasure Hunter™ Flower Essence and Mist

Made from the Dianella berry (a gorgeous, bright purple berry that grows down the Eastern seaboard of Australia), Tribe of the Tree’s Treasure Hunter™ is on a mission to remind you that you are deeply worthy of abundance in all its forms, and to gently help you bring your attitudes, expectations and self-worth into energetic alignment with that.Far from being [...]

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6 of our favourite flower essences for stress

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently here at Tribe of the Tree™ is ‘Which flower essences should I take for stress?’The answer depends on what’s going on for you, so we’ve put this quick reference guide together to help you choose the most appropriate remedy or remedies for your individual situation. You’re also welcome to [...]

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Ready to renovate your energy?

This morning I watched two guys dismantle my neighbour’s porch. In the space of less than an hour and using nothing more than a hammer and chisel each, they pulled it apart piece by piece, carefully separating every single component of it into items for salvage and things that needed to go to the tip.Since [...]

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Flower essences to help when you're feeling trapped

How good are you at knowing what you want and reaching for it? Too often, we compromise on our goals and dreams before we even begin.For example, how many people do you know who’d really like to be doing different work, but seem paralysed when it comes to figuring out what they want to do?And [...]

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Are you worrying too much?

Worrying is an easy habit to fall in to. But have you ever stopped and thought about what it is you’re actually doing? When you worry, you cast your consciousness forward in time, and anxiously imagine a range of different situations (none of them good, and most of which will never eventuate) and try to figure out how you’re going [...]

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Looking for love?

Are you looking for love? Try looking in the mirror! Our popular flower essence,  Up, Up & Away™ reminds you to love and approve of yourself, no matter what, and is the perfect gift to give yourself or someone else. The idea of loving yourself being a good thing is a pretty hard concept for some of us to get our heads [...]

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What are flower essences?

If you haven’t taken flower essences before, you’re probably wondering what they are, how they work, and why we’re so passionate about them here at Tribe of the Tree™. Read on for a brief rundown.Do you know a person whose presence always puts you in a good mood? Or maybe there’s someone who really pushes your buttons, making you cranky [...]

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