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Flower essences to help when you're feeling trapped

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

How good are you at knowing what you want and reaching for it? Too often, we compromise on our goals and dreams before we even begin.

For example, how many people do you know who’d really like to be doing different work, but seem paralysed when it comes to figuring out what they want to do?

And how many do you know who are limited by what they believe is possible so don’t allow themselves permission to dream?

Are you one of them?

In our work, we often meet people who tell us that no matter which way they turn, there's something stopping them from making changes in their lives. They say that it’s easier and safer to put up with the status quo - no matter how much they dislike it - than to go out on a limb and reach for what they want.

In many cases, they don’t even know what they want – just that they don’t want what they’ve got now!

So what gives some people the momentum to forge ahead while others remain stuck where they are, wishing things would change but frightened of what'll happen if they upset the apple cart?

Perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of a lifetime of messages that taught you you’re not good enough to have what you want, that there will always be insurmountable obstacles in your way, or that you don’t have the resources and support behind you that you ‘need’ in order to live the life of your dreams.

Thought patterns like these can lead to a baseline sense of powerlessness and feelings of being trapped.

All of which can culminate in you asking for and reaching for what you think you can get, rather than what your heart desires most.

It’s time to wipe that slate clean.

If there were no obstacles, what would you most like to do and have in your life, now and in the future?

And given that there most likely ARE obstacles, what do you need to do to work around them and start moving in the right direction?

Sometimes it’s a matter of learning more, or altering your attitude. But in my observation, the limiting factor is often that underlying feeling of powerlessness.

If you really want to shift things, start there.

If these types of patterns have been a driving force in your life for too long, it’s time to dive deep inside yourself and identify the unhelpful messages you tell yourself and any beliefs that are limiting you.

Work on those first and foremost (enlisting help from a professional if necessary), and you’ll find that when they’re dragged out of the dark corner they’ve been hiding in and examined in the light of day, these patterns and beliefs start to lose their power over you.

Guiding Light Flower Essence, a courage-boosting flower remedy for when you're feeling fearful, trapped or abandoned

This is one of the teachings of our flower essence Guiding Light™. At its core, Guiding Light's mission is to remind us that we’re safe, protected, and unconditionally approved of. Perfect in every way.

Even if you feel trapped and helpless in your current situation, the reality is that there’s probably a way out of it or around it. You might need to look at things from a higher perspective in order to see it though.

Guiding Light™helps you find that perspective, along with permission to own your dreams and desires, and to live in a state of love and light, ease and grace.

Guiding Light™ is available now as a single flower essence or in our gently supportive Quietly Confident™ flower essence kit, where it's accompanied by the flower essences Up, Up & Away™ and Express Yourself™.

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