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Getting my Manifestation Mojo on

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Over the past few months, I’ve been increasingly wishing that a certain situation in my life would change. Not actually doing anything about it, mind you. Or consciously visualising the situation as sorted out to my best advantage. Or even trying to figure out what possible solutions might look like.

Young woman outdoors blowing on a dandelion and making a wish

Basically, I was just wishing things were different, grumbling about the fact that they weren’t, and putting up with a situation that hasn’t been sitting well with me for a long time.

You’d think I’d know better by now wouldn’t you? I teach people how to work with energy, I have access to all these amazing flower essences that exist specifically for helping people get out of energetic slumps, and I’m usually pretty proactive about fixing things that aren’t working for me.

But no! Turns out that I’m human (as I’m gently reminded every day!), and so it didn’t even occur to me that I had the power to make things different when it came to this particular issue, even though it’s been permeating so many aspects of my life.

Manifestation Mojo Flower Essence, a flower remedy to support visualisation and manifestation

Then, for a completely different reason, I started taking Manifestation Mojo™ for the first time in ages: I was heading up to Port Macquarie to run our Level 1 flower essence training workshop, and I wanted to manifest somewhere affordable to stay that was surrounded by nature and made me feel like I was on holidays, even though I was there to work.

That turned out brilliantly: I was supported beyond measure by some very special friends, the universe, and some of our lovely Tribe members up on the NSW North Coast, and ended up in a divine lake-front home surrounded by tall trees.

But what also happened was that without any conscious decision making on my part, I started to get clearer and clearer about the big thing that had been frustrating me for so long, and how I’d like that aspect of my life to look instead.

I stopped whinging and instead I made lists. I drew mind maps. I researched options. Scott and I hashed it out in a big spontaneous brainstorming session.

Gradually, over the course of two or three weeks, I became crystal clear about what I wanted, and as I did, I came to realise that my vision was far more accessible than I’d assumed.

At some pivotal but unnoticed point, I stopped wishing that a solution was available to me, and instead started getting ready to put it into place.

That process is still underway, but already the shift in my energy is enormous. I’ve gone from feeling stuck to feeling as though I have a gazillion options. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, and no, it’s not a train – it’s a stunning sunrise!

And delightfully, as I’ve gained clarity and shifted out of a state of yearning and into one of purposeful intent, the universe has responded to my new energetic alignment by streamlining and facilitating the process so that things feel like they’re falling into place joyfully and gracefully.

If you’re keen to create something new in your life too, I highly recommend that you give Manifestation Mojo™ a go, or at least work with some of its teachings to refine the way you approach manifesting:

  1. Get really, really clear about what you want, and, even more importantly, about the emotional and energetic drivers underlying your desires
  2. Recognise that there may be lots of ways that those emotional and energetic desires could be fulfilled, and detach from any fixed ideas you might have about how your vision should be fulfilled
  3. Get ready! Seriously… figure out what you need to do to get ready for your wish to become manifest, and go do it! This is where your energetic vibration starts to shift from one of lack to one of intention, and where the magic starts to flow!

Manifestation Mojo™ is available now as a single flower essence and is also found in our Dream Activator™ flower essence kit, along with Dragon Slayer™ (which is great to work with when you’ve been procrastinating over something and need a burst of determination) and Destiny Calls™ (to inspire you to step into your life purpose and give you the courage to do so). 

For further inspiration, you might also like to check out our blog post on 7 powerful ways to create a mindset of manifestation and abundance

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