• A special bundle of flower essences to support you during times of change, upheaval or crisis: Shock Absorber, Go with the Flow, and Up, Up & Away Flower Essence and Flower Essence Mist.

Acceptance & Adjustment Pack

Ready to make meaningful progress? These flower essences will support you as youLet go of whatever’s holding you back and take steps to bring your actions into alignment with your intentions

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Dealing with changing circumstances can be difficult - especially when those changes are out of your control. The Acceptance & Adjustment Pack combines the three flower essences we've found to be most popular for people coming to terms with change, along with our divinely scented Up, Up & Away Flower Essence Mist. All bundled together at a special price. 


Working with the flower remedies in the Acceptance & Adjustment Pack is the perfect ritual for people who are:

  • Coming to terms with a shock or loss, and looking to ground and centre themselves
  • Experiencing change or upheaval in their lives, and wanting to adapt to their new circumstances
  • Feeling overwhelmed by or sensitive to other people's emotions and wanting to maintain healthy boundaries, while still providing kindness and compassion
  • Focussing on rebuilding confidence and self-esteem after a setback

What's in the Acceptance & Adjustment Pack? 

We've bundled together four of our most popular products for supporting yourself during times of change and uncertainty for just $74.95 (a saving of $9.85)*

Shock Absorber™ Flower EssenceFallen to pieces? Shock Absorber™ Flower Essence helps you pull yourself back together, centre and ground yourself, and find your fortitude and resilience in the face of upheaval and uncertainty.

Go with the Flow™ Flower Essence: Dealing with change or uncertainty? Go with the Flow™ flower essence encourages you to stop resisting change, trust in the universe and ride the energetic currents at play in your life. This calming flower remedy is produced by Tribe of the Tree from Australian Mangrove seeds. It invites you stop trying to control all the details in life and instead allow things to unfold as they should.

Up, Up & Away™ Flower Essence: Up, Up & Away™ Flower Essence reminds you to treat yourself with the utmost love, care and respect. Taking this flower remedy is the perfect ritual for times when you need support prioritising your own wellbeing and setting yourself free from other people's energy, actions and opinions - as well as any time that you feel you need a confidence boost.

Up, Up & Away™ Flower Essence Mist: Up, Up & Away™ Flower Essence Mist creates a space that inspires confidence, self-approval and healthy boundaries. It’s ideal to use when your intention is to prioritise self-love, self-care and maintaining respectful boundaries.

Directions – Shock Absorber™, Go with the Flow™ and Up, Up & Away™ Flower Essences:  Tune in to which of the three flower essences in the Acceptance & Adjustment Pack are most relevant for you right now. There are no right or wrong answers, so let your intuition be your guide – it might be one, two or all three of the flower remedies! (If you can’t decide, we suggest starting with Shock Absorber™ plus Go with the Flow™ for one to two weeks, then move on to Up, Up & Away™ when you’re ready).

Once you’ve decided which flower essence or flower essences you’d like to work with, take 7 drops of each one under the tongue, morning and night (one at a time). Try holding each flower essence in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it, and as you do, take a moment to ground and centre yourself.

Directions – Up, Up & Away™ Flower Essence Mist: At the same time, incorporate Up, Up & Away™ Flower Essence Mist into your daily rituals. Gently spray into the air every 6-8 hours or as needed - then inhale and enjoy!

Ingredients – Shock Absorber™ Flower Essence:  Contains purified water 66.7%, brandy 33.3% (12.5% alcohol), vibrational essence of Bush Pea (Pultenaea stipularis).

Ingredients – Go with the Flow™ Flower Essence: Contains purified water 66.7%, brandy 33.3% (12.5% alcohol), vibrational essence of Mangrove seed (Avicennia marina var. australasica).

Ingredients - Up, Up & Away™ Flower Essence: Purified water 66.7%, brandy 33.3% (12.5% alcohol), vibrational essence of Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica).

Ingredients -Up, Up & Away ™ Flower Essence Mist: Purified water, ethanol, soy lecithin, grapefruit seed extract, vegetable glycerin, essential oil blend (bergamot, black pepper, rosewood and sweet orange), rosemary extract, brandy, vibrational essence of Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica).

*Save $9.85 compared to buying each product individually at RRP.



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