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Why we're all teachers

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Over the last few months, Scott and I have spent more time than usual teaching, having taken our popular Level 1 training workshop on the road to Port Macquarie and Daylesford. I've also felt blessed to have been given the opportunity to teach and/or hold meditations at lots of industry events and in and around my local community. And of course we regularly connect with our lovely stockists either in person or online to help them get started with learning to use and recommend our flower essences.

Group of students sit outdoors under a tree, with books spread out on a table

The recent whirlwind tour has been really fun, and there's nothing we love more than getting to connect with you all in person and help you feel more confident in working with the Tribe's essences for yourselves, your families and your clients.

But in my meditation this morning, I was reminded that those are only a few of the reasons why teaching is such an important part of what we do here at Tribe of the Tree™, and that every single one of us is a teacher in some way, shape or form.

I thought the insights I received might be just as relevant for you as they are to me, so felt drawn to share them with you, and hope they're helpful.

Here at Tribe HQ we've been conscious for a long time that while we sell  flower essences, we also teach natural therapists and other people how to work with energy to create shifts in their lives or those of their clients.

From our product names and the channelled stories that accompany our flower essences right through to the themes and content of our workshops and content, the guidance we receive every step of the way is to offer people tools, resources and information that helps them feel empowered, enlivened and connected to source.

But something very special happens when people accept an invitation to learn to use those tools at a deeper level by coming to one of our workshops or participating in one of our meditations: the learning they receive takes on a wider, broader significance. At the same time that we as teachers or healers raise our energetic vibration and change our way of communicating from one-to-one to one-to-many, those in the room also experience a shift, and move from their usual listening stance of 'How is this relevant to me?' into an openness that incorporates 'Who else could I help by sharing this learning with them?'

The ripple effect of that is extraordinary to contemplate, isn't it? It means that every single time any of us embrace the role of teacher as part of our work, our parenting, or our daily interactions (and does so in a gentle, non-pushy way), the impact of all our dedicated years of learning and experience is multiplied and expanded immeasurably.

What a beautiful, humbling way to be of service.

At our workshops, Scott and I always feel a deep sense of privilege and even awe as we witness the shifts that occur for people as they experience the energy of the plants we work with and absorb their teachings and wisdom.

We love watching light bulbs going off above their heads and seeing their hearts and minds open to new possibilities for themselves and those they care about. We especially love it when they emerge at the end of the day telling us that they feel richer, lighter, more connected and more at ease with themselves and the world around them.

But far more valuable than any of that is the knowing that every single person we teach has the potential to pass on the learning they've received to empower someone else.

No matter who you're sharing your knowledge with, and regardless of whether you're connecting with people one-on-one or in group settings like we are, somewhere in your life, you're making a similar contribution, and your efforts are gratefully received. So on behalf of all those you teach and all those whose names you'll never know but whose lives are enhanced by your teachings, here's the THANK YOU you so richly deserve!

If you'd like to learn more about our workshops, the short video below will give you a quick overview, or head here for a list of upcoming events

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