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Lessons about Life Purpose we've learned from teaching

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Recently, Scott and I were excited to teach our popular Level 1 Flower Essence Training Workshop here in Sydney, and to spend the day with an inspiring collection of natural health practitioners. We reckon something magical happens when you put a bunch of naturopaths, kinesiologists, body workers and energetic healers in a room together for a day.

Group of adult students, taking notes in a workshop

Each person arrives in the room with something of their own to learn, and something of their own to teach.

Fundamentally though the magic happens because the group is drawn together by a common goal: the desire to honour the calling to heal by strengthening and deepening their ability to support their clients. That shared sense of purpose creates an almost instant resonance between the attendees, which only grows and develops as the day progresses.

Every single time that workshop magic happens, Scott and I feel extraordinarily blessed that we've been called to do work that not only helps people, but also allows us to connect with so many beautiful souls, each doing such important and powerful work of their own.

One of the highlights of the workshop is a meditation process based on the teachings of the Sydney Red Gum tree, secret ingredient in our Destiny Calls™ Flower Essence, which is on a mission to support those who feel a sense of calling or life purpose around their work.

Many workshop participants experience profound ‘Aha’ moments during and after that process, shedding fears, expanding their sense of possibility, and finding the momentum and motivation to take action towards their dreams.

These energetic shifts are always a reminder to us that regardless of whether you're called to heal, create, parent or do something altogether different, stepping into your life purpose is rarely a finite event that takes the shape of one door closing and another opening.

Instead, it’s an evolutionary transition or unfolding that tends to involve periods of growth and expansion followed by times of integration and consolidation, followed by yet more growth and learning.

Each step of the way, we move more and more into alignment with our highest purpose.

On Purpose Flower Essence Kit, comprised of the flower remedies Destiny Calls, Treasure Hunter and Connection Creator

If you’re travelling that path yourself, working with Destiny Calls™ may support you as you move to the next stage in your career evolution or integrate the skills and learning you’ve gathered on your journey so far.

It’s available as a single flower essence, and is also in our On Purpose™ Flower Essence Kit, along with Connection Creator™ and Treasure Hunter™, both of which can also be invaluable for helping you to move forward on your path.

And if you'd like to learn more about Tribe of the Tree's Flower Essence workshops, check out the short video below, then head over to our Training page, where you'll find a list of upcoming events. We hope you can come along to one soon, and are looking forward to seeing you there!

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