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Digging deep? Try Dragon Slayer flower essence

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Feel like you need an extra burst of oomph to help you dig deep and find the focus, determination or strength to get through whatever's on your plate right now? Working intensely with Dragon Slayer might be just the support you need!

I’m in the early phases of one of those times when there’s an enormous amount on my plate.

But this time it feels different to the other times when I’ve been in this situation. I’m calm, focused, in control, in flow and actually rather excited by what I have to create in the next couple of weeks and months, rather than overwhelmed by it all as I once would have been.

In no small measure it’s because I’ve settled into a deeper way of working with Dragon Slayer, our flower essence made from the Red Hot Poker plant, which is pictured below.

Red hot poker plant with bird and Dragon Slayer flower essence

How do flower essences work?

If you’ve ever been to one of our face-to-face or online flower essence trainings, you might have heard me say that in my experience working with flower essences is like accepting an invitation. If you can conceive of the plants as beings with spirit, soul and energetic characteristics, then the invitation is to hang out with them for a while, either in person, in spirit (for example in meditation), or by working with their vibration in the form of flower essences.

When you do so, the opportunity is there for you to absorb their energy and accept their invitation to embody their characteristics and energies in your own. I think of it like a form of osmosis.

Sometimes, we don’t need a very deep connection with a plant’s essence to reap its benefits… the grounding benefits of Shock Absorber, the gentle release of Baggage Buster or the optimism-boosting effects of Lighten up, Buttercup can all be accessed without needing to devote much of your energy or focus to consciously accepting the invitation to embody the plant’s energy. And the same can be said for all flower essences.

Get intentional for more profound benefits

But when you give yourself the time and space to work mindfully and intentionally with an essence, the shifts are more profound, deeper and more life changing.

That’s what’s happened for me as I’ve periodically cycled back to working with Dragon Slayer again, deepening my connection to it with every return visit.

When Scott and I first started making this flower remedy, we were astounded by how much momentum it carried with it and how much we managed to get done with it spurring us on.

But we now know that initially we were only getting to know it at a surface level. By the time we launched Tribe of the Tree a couple of years later, we’d also developed a more intimate awareness of its properties.

Getting past procrastination and self-limiting beliefs

As someone who’d been a lifelong procrastinator and who was more than a little bit prone to self-defeating limiting beliefs and a tendency to give up on things if they became too hard, the effects of the Dragon Slayer energy on my own outlook, behaviour and self-talk were phenomenal.

These days I no longer think of myself as that kind of person at all - and looking back I can see that it’s been years since I have.

The overall shift in my energies isn’t entirely due to Dragon Slayer – it’s a cumulative effect of accepting the invitation to work with spirit (and especially the plant spirits) and move into a more aligned and alive version of who I always was.

But there are some aspects of the change that I can definitely attribute to my intermittent work with Dragon Slayer and Red Hot Poker plant energy: put simply, it has taught me what it means to dig deep and unleash the determination and resourcefulness that enables me to turn my intentions into actions.

Many of you have told us that this flower essence has helped you move forward with projects big and small, from finishing PhDs and starting businesses to simply finding the motivation to get off the couch and go for a walk. 

Others report that it’s helped them finally take charge of self-sabotaging issues that have held them back from starting helpful new habits or moving away from destructive old ones. (Thank you for sharing your stories – we always love to hear them, so please feel free to send them to us any time!)

If you’ve got similar stuff going on for you right now, I can’t recommend our Dragon Slayer flower essence highly enough. It's available as either an individual flower remedy or in our Dream Activator Flower Essence Kit, along with Destiny Calls and Manifestation Mojo.

Don’t forget that our beautiful friends the plants aren’t just here to help us with short-term problems. They have lots to offer in terms of supporting your personal growth and development too, so if there’s one that particularly resonates with you – as Dragon Slayer so often does with me – then consider working with it long term or deepening your connection over a period of time.

And if you’re not sure which flower remedies are best to support you right now, please do get in touch with us – we’re always happy to help. 

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