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12 reasons to take flower essences

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Discover 12 of the most popular reasons for taking flower essences, plus suggestions for the best remedies to choose in each situation - including dealing with shock, coping with change, boosting confidence, and putting an end to procrastination.

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1. Flower essences for when you've experienced shock or upheaval

Times of shock and uncertainty can often leave you feeling ungrounded, unsettled and flustered. When unexpected events feel hard to cope with , the flower essence Shock Absorber™ supports you in grounding and re-centring yourself, putting you in a better position to pull yourself together, rebuild and move on.

2. Flower essences for when you’re ready to welcome in the new

If it's time for you to move on from the past and welcome in new opportunities and circumstances, three popular flower essences to think about are:

  • Go with the Flow™, which is on a mission to help you adapt to and feel enthusiastic about change, regardless of whether it’s occurring due to your own efforts or is due to circumstances outside your control
  • Baggage Buster™, which is ideal when you’re ready to let go of your emotional attachment to issues or energy from the past
  • If the past has been painful for you and has taken a while for you to come to terms with, the ritual of taking Peek-A-Boo™ is intended to support you as you finish licking your wounds and prepare to re-engage with the world with an open heart

These three essences are available together in our In with the New™ Flower Essence Kit .

3. Flower essences to help you kick start your dreams

If you're ready to move forward in the direction of your dreams , consider incorporating these flower essences into your daily rituals and routines:

  • Dragon Slayer™, which invites you to rediscover the resourceful person that you are. (Personally, I find this a powerful energy to work with when I want to push myself to dig deep and amp up my focus and determination)
  • If there’s something specific that you want to draw into your life, Manifestation Mojo™ inspires you to become clear about what it is, and the emotional drivers that are causing you to desire it. With that insight in hand, it supports you in setting your intentions and getting yourself ready to receive
  • If the changes you're looking to implement are related to your work or self-purpose, then the energy of Destiny Calls™ supports you in identifying and understanding what’s holding you back, and invites you to take active steps towards your goals

These three flower essences are available together in our Dream Activator™ Flower Essence Kit .

4. Flower essences to help you step into your life purpose

If you're ready to take things up a notch in your career or passion project, this trio of essences is on a mission to support you on your way:

  • As mentioned above, Destiny Calls™ offers support and insight while you’re doing the personal development work that equips you to follow your calling
  • Issues around worthiness are often embedded in our beliefs about our work and career. If that’s what’s holding you back, consider Treasure Hunter™ , which invites you to become clear about your attitudes and expectations around self-worth, and to align these with your goals
  • Nobody is successful alone, so Connection Creator™ inspires you to ready yourself to reach out to and connect with people who share your values and support you in your mission to do good in the world

These three flower essences are found together in our On Purpose™ Flower Essence Kit .

5. Flower essences for when you need a confidence boost

If you're going through one of those times when your confidence levels are low, the three flower essences in our Quietly Confident™ Flower Essence Kit may help to give you a boost:

  • Up, Up & Away™ reminds you to love, approve and care for yourself no matter what, and to detach from other people and their opinions, actions and emotions
  • If you're holding yourself back from communicating your needs, desires or opinions, Express Yourself™ inspires you to rise to the occasion, to recognise that your voice deserves to be heard , and to develop the confidence that you can handle the outcome of speaking up with grace
  • Feeling stuck or trapped? Consider Guiding Light™, which is on a mission to remind you that you’re unconditionally supported, and to inspire you to look for opportunities to make small, non-confronting shifts that allow you to move forward

6. Flower essences for when you're ready to set an intention of optimism and positivity

Sometimes we get so busy and caught up in our lives that we forget to be cheerful. If you've been feeling weighed down or overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and duties you've got on your plate, or if you've just simply been waking up on the wrong side of the bed, consider working with the energy of Lighten Up, Buttercup™ flower essence and flower essence mist . The Lighten Up, Buttercup™ Kit combines both these products.

7. Flower essences for when you're dwelling on the past or worrying about the future

One of the secrets to a happy and joyful life is being present and mindful. But sometimes, past events or experiences can intrude, or concerns about the future can play on your mind. Detaching from these issues and bringing yourself back into the moment may be the first step to living in the here and now and enjoying every moment of it! If this is where you find yourself, consider working with the energy of our Moment in Time™ and Lighten Up, Buttercup™ flower essences , which are available together in our Life of the Party™ Flower Essence Kit .

8. Flower essences for when you feel the need to cleanse, clear or release

If you've been generally feeling stale or have noticed familiar (but unhelpful) patterns repeating in your life, Baggage Buster™ flower essence and flower essence mist are on a mission to help you to let go of some of your old stuff, clear your energy field , and develop fresh clarity. Find these two products together in our Baggage Buster™ Kit .

9. Flower essences for when you need to take better care of yourself

Have you been neglecting your self-care? Truly looking after yourself involves more than just eating right and making sure you get enough exercise – it also means treating yourself with kindness and respect… including talking to yourself with gentleness and compassion, and setting strong healthy boundaries that support your wellbeing. If you’ve noticed yourself being self-critical or have fallen into a pattern of putting other people’s needs above your own , the ritual of working with Up, Up & Away™ is designed to help you set the intention of prioritising self-love, self-care and self-confidence – safe in the knowledge that far from being a selfish act, doing so equips you to love and care for others more wholeheartedly. Up, Up & Away™ is available as both a flower essence and flower essence mist, found together in our Up, Up & Away™ Kit .

10. Flower essences for when you're keen to attract abundance

Here at Tribe of the Tree™, we’re strong believers in the Law of Attraction. In our own lives, we’ve seen time and again that the energy we project almost invariably aligns with the flow of opportunities and abundance that heads our way. In our experience, issues related to self-worth and authenticity can often create energetic blocks to that flow, setting up feelings of scarcity and lack.

If it’s your intention to work through those kinds of issues, the ritual of working with Treasure Hunter™ flower essence and flower essence mist is aimed at helping to remind you that you’re worthy of abundance in all its forms. These two products are available together in our Treasure Hunter™ Kit .

11. Flower essences for when you’re keen to attract supportive souls to your cause

If you're on a mission to create, build or grow something for the wider good, you’ll know all too well that having the right supporters by your side is one of the secrets to success. When you're ready to expand your circle of influence and consequently your impact, consider working with Connection Creator™. This flower essence and flower essence mist combo inspires you to get comfortable being a bright shining light for your cause, and to become more aware of and open to the opportunities that cross your path.

12. Flower essences for when you've been procrastinating or are stuck in a rut

If you're going through one of those times when you feel like you need a kick up the backside in order to get moving, Dragon Slayer™ may be the flower essence for you. It invites you to stop making excuses, let go of limiting beliefs and deal with what you’ve been avoiding. If you’re ready to stop procrastinating and instead reclaim your power over your own actions and attitudes, then the ritual of working with Dragon Slayer™ is designed to help you set an intention of doing exactly that.

What if all those flower essences sound good?

If you love working with flower essences and are keen to have wide range available to you so that you can get straight on to them whenever you feel the urge, consider our Full Kit & Caboodle™ which contains all 14 of our flower essences in one handy box.

By the way, if you’re a retailer or natural health practitioner who’d like to have these essences on hand to support your clients, consider applying to become a Tribe of the Tree™ stockist. Head here to let us know you’re interested so we can organise a time to chat – we’d be delighted to hear from you!

As always if you're not sure which flower essence is best for your current situation or that of a client, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help. 

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