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7 powerful ways to create a mindset of manifestation and abundance

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Why is it that sometimes life feels rich and abundant, and other times it feels like no matter how hard you try, you can’t manifest what you desire or need? 

In our experience, it all comes down to your energetic state – the emotions, attitudes and beliefs that you hold, and that you project out into the universe. It’s not simply a question of repeating positive mantras and affirmations though, so here are our seven top tips for getting yourself into a mental and emotional state that’s in energetic alignment with manifestation and abundance.

1. Address desperation and fear

First and foremost, if you're starting to feel desperate about where the money or resources you need are going to come from, stop and take a deep breath.

This energetic state is not conducive to being at your most magnetic.

If it’s where you find yourself, your first job is to address the sense of powerlessness and futility that often accompanies these emotions, because they may be actively working against your ability to create or attract the abundance and flow that you’re seeking.

The simple way to do that is to take whatever practical steps are necessary in order to address your desperation and fear and relieve any feelings that you’re at crisis point or at risk of being there very soon.

Sometimes people tell us that doing something practical and tangible makes them feel like they’re admitting defeat or telling the universe you don't trust her to deliver what you want. But remember that sometimes a down-to-earth decision and commitment to your own self-care is the stepping-stone to what you want!

Have you heard the story about the man who stood on his roof during a flood waiting for God to save him? Passers by offered to rescue him in a canoe, a motorboat, and even a helicopter, but he declined help from all of them, instead preferring to have faith that God would rescue him. When he drowned and made his way to the Pearly Gates, he asked God what when wrong. His reply? ‘Who do you think sent the canoe, the boat and the helicopter?’

Don’t be that person who holds out for a miraculous answer to their prayers but doesn’t take the practical steps that will help create change!

Instead, ask yourself what you could do today to take the pressure off yourself in a real and meaningful way. (For example, if you’ve been trying to grow your business but still aren’t making a living wage, perhaps it’s time to go and get a part-time job to ease the burden).

Your goal is to move from a state of fear to a sense of safety, which is far more conducive to manifestation and abundance – and a far more pleasant way to live too.

2. Remind yourself how powerful you are

Neediness, desperation and fear are highly charged emotions, and when you’re stuck in the middle of them, it’s easy to believe that you’re completely powerless.

Even if you can’t control everything that’s going on around you though, most of the time you do actually have a high degree of influence over your life and your experience of it.

In particular, you’re probably very capable of changing your energetic state – and that just may have a ripple effect that helps to start turning things around for you.

A good way to demonstrate to yourself that you’re capable of initiating energetic shifts is to identify something that feels small and easy to tackle and then make a decision to change the energetic charge or emotional tension that surrounds it.

For example, if you’re stressed about money and worried that the food you’re putting on the table isn’t more bountiful or nutritious, make a decision that at least it will be served with love, and then pour your heart and soul into its preparation and observe whether the energy around meal times shifts in response to your intentions and actions.

Once you’ve exercised your determination muscles on a few little energetic shifts like these, it becomes easier to believe that change is possible for you, and that you can be the driving force behind it… soon you’ll be ready to believe that you can change other things too!

3. Look within to explore any limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs

The energetic disconnect between feelings of desperation and feelings of abundance is pretty easy to spot, but often the issues that get in the way of our manifestation are not as overt – and may even be deeply hidden.

These might include lessons that you've learned around money and abundance from your parents; limiting beliefs that you've absorbed through your own previous experience; and/or ideas that you've absorbed from society around what's possible or appropriate.

Common examples that we encounter when we chat with Tribe members about issues around abundance and manifestation include limiting beliefs like these:

  • It's not possible for me to earn good money doing what I love
  • It's morally wrong for me to be paid for my healing / spiritual / creative work
  • I’ll always be overlooked for promotion / never be paid what I’m worth
  • Money is a necessary evil
  • People like me always have to battle to get by
  • Who am I to think that I could ever be successful?

Basically, if you’re sitting with any emotions or beliefs that make you feel ashamed, small, undervalued or, in contrast, as though you’re being too big for your boots and are going to be exposed as a fraud (imposter syndrome), ask yourself whether they could be interfering with your ability to get into a truly abundant mindset.

If so, now’s the time to let them go and form new and more constructive emotions and beliefs to take their place.

There are lots of strategies you could employ here (like working with a kinesiologist or counsellor, for example).

The ritual of taking flower essences can also be a great way to reinforce your intention of making changes and adopting a more constructive mindset moving forward. In these circumstances, the flower essences we recommend are Treasure Hunter™ Flower Essence and Treasure Hunter™ Flower Essence Mist, which are on a mission to remind you that you’re worthy of abundance in all its forms. These products are also available together in our Treasure Hunter™ Kit.

Alternatively, if you’re dealing with career- or business-related issues, consider our On Purpose™ Kit, which combines Treasure Hunter™ with our Destiny Calls™ and Connection Creator™ Flower Essences – all of which can support you in stepping into your life’s work.

Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence and Baggage™ Buster Flower Essence Mist may also be beneficial if these are issues that you’ve been carrying for a long time and are ready to let go of with ease and grace. These two products are available together in our Baggage Buster™ Kit too.

4. Get grateful

It's impossible to radiate both neediness and gratitude simultaneously, so you've got nothing to lose by getting into the habit of counting your blessings and feeling truly grateful for all that has already arrived in your life and all that is on its way to you.

The secret here is to get emotionally connected to the gratitude that you feel, to the extent that it bubbles up inside you, bringing you joy at a deep and personal level.

TIP: In addition to supporting you in acknowledging your self-worth, we find that the ritual of working with our Treasure Hunter™ Flower Essence (also mentioned above) is a delightful way to help reinforce a mindset of gratitude.

5. Get clear about the emotional drivers behind your goals

When thinking about manifestation and abundance, we also recommend tuning in to your feelings and identifying the emotional payoffs that you’re expecting your goals or dreams to bring.

For example, if you’ve decided to manifest a shiny new red car, ask yourself, ‘What emotions will it create in me?’

Everyone’s answer will be different.

One person might be drawn to a new red car because they love the adrenaline that comes with speeding down the highway. (We all know that red cars go faster, don’t we?)

Someone else may feel that red cars have sex appeal and hope that it will rub off on them, while yet another person may believe that a red car is a wise and safe choice, because it will be easy for other drivers to see on the road.

Having clarity about these underlying emotional drivers will help you to connect with your vision for whatever you’re planning to manifest, while simultaneously helping you to recognise that there may be numerous ways that your dream could be fulfilled.

(If you’ve ever participated in a manifestation ritual in which you were encouraged to ask for ‘this or something better’, this is an example of how it’s possible to be simultaneously connected to your vision and detached from the outcome).

6. Get ready to receive

Next it’s time to get ready to welcome whatever you’re planning to manifest into your life.

Once again, this sometimes involves creating an energetic shift. For example, you might want to stop seeing yourself as someone who always drives cheap and unreliable old bombs, and start seeing yourself as the kind of person who drives a brand new car.

Practical changes may be needed too, and implementing those is all part of the energetic process of getting ready to receive. (So, if you’re planning to manifest a new car, you might want to make sure your driver’s license is up to date, for example).

The ritual of working with our Manifestation Mojo™ Flower Essence can be a fun way to support yourself in setting an intention of manifesting something special and getting ready to receive it.

7. Be patient!

When it comes to manifestation, you’re not always in charge of the timetable! Have faith that if something is right for you, it’ll appear at exactly the right time, and in exactly the right way.

We’re often reminded that it’s our job to tend to the soil in the garden and create the right environment and conditions for the flowers to thrive. We don’t get to dictate how long it will take them to bloom – and nor would we want to, because the element of surprise is half the fun!

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