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FREE Shock Absorber meditation

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

If you’ve been through an experience that’s left you feeling shocked, traumatised or unsettled, you have our deepest support.

Introducing the Fine Leaf Bush Pea

The flower essence that we recommend in these situations is called  Shock Absorber. It's made from a native Australian flower called the Fine Leaf Bush Pea, pictured below, which has vibrant yellow petals with a splash of red at their base, surrounding a fuzzy beige and green centre.

This is the most grounding, centring and calming flower remedy that we’ve ever experienced, so the ritual of working with it is ideal for times when your intention is to come to terms with whatever has happened in your world, restore your equilibrium and rebuild your resilience.

FREE Shock Absorber meditation

In this FREE 18-minute guided meditation, you’ll get a taste of the energy of the Fine Leaf Bush Pea and a sense of how it feels to connect with and work with the  Shock Absorber energy.

This calming and grounding meditation is ideal to use to support your own recovery from any experience that has been disturbing or unsettling (regardless of whether it occurred recently or in the distant past).

It can also be used to support you as you hold space for and send healing energy to someone else who's had this type of experience.

Below is your FREE Shock Absorber meditation

You can either play it directly from this page, or download it to your device by clicking on the three dots to the right of the audio player. 

(If you can't see the three dots, your mobile device may not support direct downloads of this type. Please check again from your desktop computer and you should be able to download it from there and then transfer it to your phone). 

This recording is a gift to you from the Fine Leaf Bush Pea, and we feel honoured that we were asked to pass it on.

Please feel free to use it as frequently as you like, and to share it with anyone who may benefit.

Click here to learn more about Shock Absorber Flower Essence and how it can help you.

Please note that this meditation is not intended to replace professional care, which is often needed following traumatic experiences. Always seek the advice of your healthcare professional in such situations.

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