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Flower essences to keep you going

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Doesn’t it feel like this social isolation and economic uncertainty has been going on forever???

It’s like we’re all running a marathon without any understanding of where the finish line is, or what it will take to arrive at it in one piece.

We need to make this sustainable

I don't know about you, but I'm occasionally finding the unendingness of it hard to wrap my head around.

The thing is though, we all have to keep going.

✅ We have to maintain our diligence about being socially and physically responsible

✅ We have to find whatever ways we can of continuing to look after ourselves and those around us so that we and our families stay sane, healthy and balanced

✅ And we have to continue to adapt and improve our new ways of living and working – from shopping to socialising, exercising to schooling… everything has shifted!

For me personally, there have been times over the past few weeks when continuing with all of that in a sustainable way has felt really, REALLY exhausting.

I think it’s the combination of the changes to our lifestyles being so all encompassing and the unending nature of it that has made persistence sometimes feel so difficult.

Flower essences to help you persist

Below are some of the flower essences that have helped me keep going over the last few weeks when everything was feeling like a slog.

They’ve made a huge difference for me, so I thought I’d share them with you in case they’d be supportive for you too.

Shock Absorber has helped me to regain my centre and feel grounded and solid after all the upheaval. It’s also been fantastic for helping me to realise where my priorities lie. This is my go-to essence in the moments when things feel incredibly stressful – and I know it’s been enormously helpful to lots of you too. (Thanks for your kind feedback about it!)

Lighten Up, Buttercup reminds me that I have the capacity to choose to be optimistic and to see the silver lining to any situation. There are many, many silver linings and opportunities available to many of us right now. If you’re sometimes struggling to see them, this may be the support you need. (TIP: It’s great for kids who are feeling pessimistic or downhearted too!)

Manifestation Mojo helps me remember to focus on what I want, rather than what I don’t want - because energy always flows to where our attention goes.

Up, Up & Away reminds me to prioritise self-care and healthy boundaries – and to be clear about which issues are mine to worry about and which are best left to others.

Dragon Slayer helps me tap into my inner strength and resilience and find the fortitude to keep going when it all feels too hard. (I suspect that I’d have achieved NOTHING over the last few weeks if it weren’t for this flower essence and its motivational vibes!)  

Pure Potential inspires me to actively set up the supportive structures and routines that help keep me on track despite all the chaos. Paired with Dragon Slayer, this has been the flower essence that has helped me develop a sense of what it might take to make the current situation sustainable indefinitely!

Each of these essences have helped me in their own unique way over the last few weeks, and I’m enormously grateful that I had them on hand. I hope these reflections give you some ideas about how you might support your own wellbeing at this time.

As always if you need some help choosing flower essences to support you please get in touch with us for assistance.

By the way, all the flower essences above and the rest of our range are currently being sent out freight-free when you order via our website.

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