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The best flower essences for kids and teens heading back to school

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Wondering which flower essences are best for helping to ease the transition for kids heading back to school? We’ve put this quick reference guide together to help. These suggestions have been tried and tested over many years by Tribe co-founder Scott Harris and his kids and are suitable for children and teenagers of all ages - and their parents too! We hope they’re as helpful for you as they have been for him and his family.

Flower essences for kids who are frightened

For kids who tend to be fearful, Guiding Light is a great choice as it inspires comfort and reassurance. Scott's family finds that the boys become more courageous after using it for just a week or so - which means it's best to start giving it to them in advance of school starting back up if you can. (TIP: This is also a lovely essence to turn to if your child is prone to waking up frightened in the middle of the night).

And if the whole thing has been a bit of a shock to your child's system, Shock Absorber is an important consideration too. It's wonderful for helping us to integrate unexpected events, especially those that trigger negative emotions like fear and grief.

Flower essences for children who don’t cope well with change

If your child doesn’t cope well with change, they might benefit from a little support as they get back into the routine of school. Try Go with the Flow, which is on a mission to equip them with the adaptability to embrace changes and new experiences with enthusiasm and openness.

Flower essences for children who are pessimistic or weighed down

For kids who find the whole idea of school heavy, or who are pessimistic or grumpy and think that they're only going to be sent home again, we can't recommend Lighten Up, Buttercup highly enough. It’s available as flower essence drops for your child to take, and as a citrussy flower essence mist that’s been specially formulated to put a cheery smile on the face of kids and grown-ups alike. These products can be purchased individually, or are available together in the Lighten Up, Buttercup Kit

Flower essences to support kids’ confidence

If shyness or confidence issues are the reasons behind your child's school concerns, the best flower essences to consider are Up, Up & Away to support their sense of self-approval, and Express Yourself to invite them to find the courage to put themselves out there socially and in the classroom. Both essences are available in drop form, and Up, Up & Away is also available as a flower essence mist

Flower essences for kids and teenagers who've lost their focus and motivation

Need to encourage your child or teenager to knuckle down and get back into learning mode or a study-focused mindset? Try Dragon Slayer, which encourages us to dig deep, tap into our determination, and move past limiting beliefs about what we're capable of. 

Flower essences for kids who work themselves into a tizzy

All kids have meltdowns from time to time. When they do, the grounding, centring energy of Shock Absorber might be just what it takes to help them pull themselves back together. We also find this to be an awesome essence to keep on hand for those little mishaps that arise in every family now and then.

Flower essences for children with separation problems

For children who are clingy or who tend to get fretful about being away from mum, dad or home after such a long time off school, consider Up, Up & Away because it's benefits for self-confidence that we discussed above extend to helping to develop strong, healthy boundaries - a crucial component of learning to stand on your own two feet, without needing your parents by your side every moment of the day. Team it with Shock Absorber if your child tends to get really worked up when it's time for you to drop them off at school. (And by the way, this combo is also beneficial for parents who are having trouble coping with the idea of their kids heading back into the classroom after all this time!)

Flower essence combinations for kids and teenagers heading back to school

For children’s needs, the most popular flower essence kits to consider include:

How do I give flower essences to children?

Flower essences are suitable for kids of all ages. Those in late primary school and above can take the adult dose of seven drops under the tongue twice daily (or as often as needed), but smaller children may do just as well with a lower dose of three or four drops at a time.

If your child isn't keen on the flavour of the essences, try diluting them in water, juice or yoghurt to mask the taste. 

Each seven-drop dose provides less than one drop of alcohol. If you’d prefer your child not to consume even that tiny quantity of alcohol, there are a few different options available to you:

  • Drop your child’s dose of flower essence into a cup, and then pour an inch or two of boiling water onto it, and allow it to cool before your child drinks it; alcohol has a lower boiling point than water so a substantial portion of it will evaporate off before you child drinks it
  • Apply the flower essences topically, for example by rubbing them into the back of your child's neck, the inside of the wrists or the tummy. (TIP: Scott’s boys love the tummy option!)
  • Work with the flower essence mists rather than the drops. This method allows you to introduce the energy of the various flower essences to your child’s surroundings, without them needing to take any medicine at all, and is a routine that can easily be incorporated into your family's daily routine

Once you’ve determined which remedies are suitable for your child, be sure to check out our comprehensive range of flower essence kits, many of which team essences that are commonly used together and offer you substantial savings compared to buying the products individually.

If you'd like help deciding which is the most appropriate essence for you and your kids to use, please feel free to drop us a line and we'll be happy to help. 

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