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Procrastinating? Unleash your inner Dragon Slayer™

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

After an extremely busy few weeks here at Tribe HQ, I recently found myself procrastinating - even on tasks that I normally find easy or fun. In short, I was in a rut, and couldn't see my way out. Then along came Dragon Slayer™!

What I learned from my own procrastination

Working with the energy of our Dragon Slayer™ Flower Essence for a few weeks reminded me of some important insights that I thought might also be helpful for you next time you find yourself in a similar situation:

  • When you're in a rut, there will ALWAYS be excuses and distractions that you can use to justify staying there. There will ALWAYS be people and responsibilities claiming your attention. If you're waiting for "the right time" it's not going to come - because the right time is NOW
  • Recognise that these distractions and responsibilities rarely warrant priority over your own goals and dreams. Even if your excuse is something virtuous (like "I don't have time to exercise because I've got small children"), remember that looking after your own needs always puts you in a better position to manage all your other responsibilities
  • In any case, if you're like me, the excuses you're using for not getting moving are often based on stories that simply aren't true. For example, I'd been telling myself a story about certain things being difficult and requiring lots of hard work - to the extent that I made myself tired just contemplating them and procrastinating!
  • With the help of Dragon Slayer™, it quickly became obvious that the tasks I'd been avoiding were actually much more manageable than I'd thought - but I'd gotten into a pattern of letting them have power over me by distracting me from my bigger picture: what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. As soon as I put my attention back there, I felt energised and unstoppable again!

Yet again, the underlying message is that when we're working with energy, moving towards something positive and compelling is always more motivating and effortless than moving away from something we're trying to avoid!

Ready to transform into a Dragon Slayer? Check out these flower essences

Dragon Slayer Flower Essence, a procrastination-busting flower remedy that helps release limiting beliefs

Dragon Slayer™ Flower Essence

This motivating flower essence inspires you to dig deep and find the strength and determination to make changes in your life. I find it particularly beneficial if I catch myself procrastinating or coming up with excuses to justify not getting started. Taken twice daily under the tongue, each bottle of Dragon Slayer will last 2-3 weeks

Dream Activator™ Flower Essence Kit

When you're ready to take action to bring your dreams to life, our Dream Activator™ Flower Essence Kit provides valuable energetic support, combining Dragon Slayer™ with Manifestation Mojo™ (to help you get REALLY clear about what you want and get ready to welcome it into your life) and Destiny Calls™ (which helps you develop the conviction you'll be successful, and supports you in moving past any fears or inhibitions that have been holding you back)

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