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Are you ready for more?

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

When it comes to magnetising, manifesting and attracting abundance, there’s a huge emotional and energetic gap between the thoughts, ‘I don’t have enough’ and ‘I'm ready for more.

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What do we mean when we say, ‘I don’t have enough’?

When you focus on not having enough of something, our energy and attention is directed towards your sense of lack.

To top it off, the word ‘enough’ often suggests that either you’re currently unable to fulfil some kind of demand on our energy or resources, or you’ll be unable to in the near future – so this statement is more than just an observation of your current circumstances, it can also carry an energy of uneasiness or sometimes even worry.

Whether you're talking about finances, time, opportunities or something else, telling yourself that you don't have enough reinforces feelings of poverty and precariousness.

What if you said, ‘I’m ready for more!’ instead?

On the other hand, when you say to yourself or others, ‘I'm ready for more’, your thinking and intention is open and expansive. There’s an implicit optimism, a sense of spaciousness, and – on an energetic level – an invitation to the universe to start shipping more of the good stuff your way.

To illustrate, think of the difference between a conversation with your boss in which you say, ‘I don’t have enough opportunities for advancement’ and one in which you say, ‘I’m ready for more responsibility’.

If you don’t guard against it, the first statement risks coming across as demanding, impatient and self-entitled, while the second sends a message that you’re keen to step up, carry more of the load, and contribute at a higher level.

Focus on where you want to go, not what you’re trying to escape from

If (like us) you believe in the Law of Attraction, and that the energy, vibe or intentions you radiate tend to be matched in kind by the Universe, it probably also rings true with you that holding on to feelings of being needy, vulnerable or hard done by are unlikely to result in an abundant stream of good stuff flowing in your direction.

That’s why telling yourself, others and the universe that you’re ready for more is one of our top tips for increasing your feelings of abundance and opportunity. It takes your focus off what you don’t want, and moves it squarely onto the positive outcomes and intentions that are your best-case scenario.

Give thanks for what you’ve already got and for whatever is on its way

Here at Tribe HQ, one of the most powerful lessons we’ve learned from working with vibrational essences over the past few years (and in particular from working with our Treasure Hunter™ essence) is that at an energetic level, the emotion of gratitude is one of the most magnetic forces on the planet.

We’ve also found that it’s pretty much impossible to continue to radiate feelings of neediness and a sense of lack when you put your attention onto experiencing gratitude at a deeply emotional level, and expressing it to those around you.

Flower essences to support you when you’re ready for more

If the time has come for you to accept MORE into your life, read on for some of our favourite flower essences to incorporate into your daily rituals and intention-setting practices.

Treasure Hunter Flower Essence Kit, comprising Treasure Hunter abundance flower remedy and Treasure Hunter  Flower Essence Spray

Treasure Hunter™ Flower Essence and Flower Essence Mist, which are on a mission to remind you that you’re worthy of abundance in all its forms.

Caught yourself saying, ‘I don’t have enough strength / discipline / guts’ to do something? Consider Dragon Slayer™, which is on a mission to help tap into our inner strength and get past your limiting beliefs.

If what you’re craving more of is nourishing and nurturing, start by dialling up your commitment to self-care and self-love, and consider taking Up, Up & Away™ Flower Essence and Flower Essence Mist to support your intention.

And finally, if you’re ready to attract more support in your career, community work or life’s mission, consider working with Connection Creator™, which can be a fun way to get yourself into a mindset of openness to new opportunities and connections. 

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