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Flower essences to help you create change

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Have you decided it’s time to make some changes in your life? Flower essences can be a beautiful way to support your efforts and help align your energy with your intentions. Several of our gift packs contain combinations of essences specially chosen to help you implement the changes you want to make.

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Here's a quick rundown of some of our most popular flower essence kits.

Flower essences to help you welcome and embrace change

In with the New Flower Essence Kit, consisting of the flower remedies Baggage Buster, Peek-A-Boo and Go with the Flow

The In with the New™ Flower Essence Kit is for those who are ready to leave the old behind. It comprises Baggage Buster™ (our go-to remedy for helping to gently release some of your old stuff to make way for freshness and clarity), Peek-A-Boo™ to reassure any parts of yourself that have been shut down or in hiding that it's now a safe and appropriate time to emerge, and Go with the Flow™, which encourages you to become aware of the energetic currents that are at play in your life and to trust in the universe to push you in the right direction.

Flower essences to help bring your dreams to life

Dream Activator Flower Essence Kit, consisting of the flower remedies Dragon Slayer, Destiny Calls and Manifestation Mojo

Our Dream Activator™ Flower Essence Kit is for those who are ready to take action towards realising their dreams, and combines Destiny Calls™ to support you as you move more deeply into your life purpose, Manifestation Mojo™ to aid your visualisation and manifestation processes and help you get ready to welcome in new possibilities, and Dragon Slayer™ to give you an energetic kick-in-the-pants and the momentum to stop procrastinating and get on with it!

When you're ready to take action to bring your dreams to life, our Dream Activator™ Flower Essence Kit provides valuable energetic support, combining Dragon Slayer™ with Manifestation Mojo™ (to help you get REALLY clear about what you want and get ready to welcome it into your life) and Destiny Calls™ (which helps you develop the conviction you'll be successful, and supports you in moving past any fears or inhibitions that have been holding you back)

Flower essences to help you move forward on your life's path

On Purpose Flower Essence Kit, consisting of the flower remedies Destiny Calls, Treasure Hunter and Connection Creator

Our On Purpose™ Flower Essence Kit is the inspiration behind our popular Step into your Life Purpose workshop, and contains a trio of essences to support you in your life's work: Destiny Calls™ to help you become the kind of person who follows their dreams, Treasure Hunter™ to help you recognise how worthy you are of abundance and reward, and Connection Creator™ to open you up to connecting with others who can support you in your mission.

Each of these kits contains three flower essences and includes the delightful channelled stories that are gifts to you from the plants used in our essences.

As always, if none of the kits mentioned above seem to quite fit the bill for where you're currently at, you're welcome to get in touch with us and we'll help you work out the most appropriate remedies for you.

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