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Been neglecting your dreams?

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

Are you living your dream? Making the impact you desire on the world? If you’re one of those people who feel called to do something special with their lives, ignoring that calling creates a deep sense of restlessness that just doesn’t go away. If you've been neglecting your dreams or your sense of soul purpose, here are some of our top tips for getting back on track.

Many of us have a strong sense that there's something very purposeful that we're meant to do with our lives, and yet, sometimes something stops us from taking action and getting on with it!

For some people, getting started is (relatively) easy. They sign up for the course, cram all the relevant info into their brains, and then cross their fingers and take tentative steps in the right direction… only to find that when it comes to stopping learning and starting doing, progress is slower than they’d like. They end up frustrated and depleted, sometimes even losing the conviction that their dream was right for them after all.

When your dream of creating something big or contributing something meaningful to your community, it goes without saying that it will probably take lots of hard work, practice, and trial and error before you hit your stride.

But there are often energetic issues to consider too – and that’s where flower essences can help

Destiny Calls flower essence with Sydney Red Gum Tree

Destiny Calls supports you in getting past your stumbling blocks and following your calling  

For me, working with the energy of the Sydney Red Gum tree - secret ingredient in our Destiny Calls flower essence - has been life-changing in this regard. This flower remedy has a very shamanic vibe to it, and invites you to work through whatever is holding you back by drawing on the power of the elements. 

  • If you're feeling doubtful that you have what it takes to follow your calling, or fearful that you won't be able to do it justice, Destiny Calls encourages to work with the energy of Water to wash the fears and negative self-talk away.
  • If your stumbling block is hesitancy, or if you're not able to access the determination and persistence you need, it invites the energy of Fire to light a flame of conviction in you and help you to push through the setbacks and plateaus.
  • When you're feeling held back by a lack of vision or by limited thinking, it summons the energy of Air to help you access your boundless creativity, imagination and visionary qualities.
  • And finally, if it's time to take action and get moving, Destiny Calls invites you to work with the energy of Earth to ground your intentions and activate them into practical progress.  

In summary, Destiny Calls™ invites you to acknowledge and move through some of the stumbling blocks that all those with a sense of life purpose encounter along the way. I’m talking about the fears that paralyse us, the self-imposed limitations that stifle our potential, and the tendency to plan and theorise endlessly without ever taking action. This flower essence had such a profound impact on us here at  Tribe of the Tree™ HQ that you’ll often hear us saying that without it we probably STILL wouldn’t have launched our business! For example, it has taught us that it’s natural and healthy to worry about your capacity to do justice to your dream – and that that humility is exactly why you will. Most importantly though,  Destiny Calls™ helped us transition from being people who dreamed about doing something one day into people who were actually doing it – taking concrete steps and making things happen. If you need a kick in the pants too, we can’t recommend it highly enough!

Destiny Calls™ is available now as a single flower essence, and can also be found along with Dragon Slayer and Manifestation Mojo in our Dream Activator Flower Essence Kit.

Destiny Calls™ is also one of three flower remedies in the On Purpose™ flower essence kit, alongside Treasure Hunter™ and Connection Creator™, which are also on a mission to support you on your life's path.

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